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Occupational Therapy | Salem, Va

Occupational Medicine Available at Virginia Orthopaedic Direct

Occupational medicine is a branch of medicine that focuses on the prevention and treatment of injuries and illnesses related to the workplace. At Virginia Orthopaedic Direct we aim to protect the safety and health of your employees in the workplace by offering excellent treatment for work-related injuries and illnesses. Our physicians are trained and educated on the most up-to-date regulations for workforce health and safety to provide accurate diagnoses and appropriate solutions. We also strive to save companies time and money by supplying on-site care and following up with proactive strategies to avoid medically unnecessary disabilities in the future.

Occupational Medicine Services

Virginia Orthopaedic Direct not only treats individuals with work-related injuries, we also:

  • Provide physical therapy services, travel medicine and injury-prevention education
  • Partner with companies to develop and implement health and safety programs or improve existing programs
  • Keep companies informed of regulatory changes so that regulatory compliance can be maintained
  • Customize our resources to fit the unique needs of employers

Some of Virginia Orthopaedic Direct’s employee provisions include:

  • Workers’ compensation injury and illness management
  • Pre-employment physical exams
  • Drug and alcohol screens
  • Laboratory and screening tests
  • Immunizations
  • Digital X-ray services

Return-to-work philosophy

Our return-to-work approach will reassure all those in need of occupational health treatments whether they require pre-employment testing, worker’s compensation management or education. Through comprehensive care, Virginia Orthopaedic Direct will guide clients and their employees through the proper medical procedures required to benefit all parties and secure safe work environments.

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