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“I have so much respect for Dr. Hagy and his gift. He is an incredible doctor, who intently listens to patients and cares deeply about their well-being. Dr. Hagy always listened to my concerns, and he kept me involved in the whole process – he let me make decisions. He was encouraging during my recovery period. I always leave feeling better than when I arrived! I always tell people the story about when Dr. Hagy told me he spent time researching and studying my case. I felt that my case mattered. He made it a priority, and invested his time to learn as much as he could to do it right.” – Michelle 


“Dr. Waldrop, Mike Wilson, the nursing staff, and the administrative staff at Virginia Orthopaedic are the best. They have worked hard to change my life. Four joint replacements completed with skill and precision…I cannot say thank you enough! I certainly recommend Dr. Waldrop to anyone in need of an orthopaedic surgeon.” ~ PT

“Dr. Waldrop is one of the nicest doctors I’ve ever seen. Very thorough and willing to answer all questions.” ~ KC

He worked me into his already busy schedule less than 48 hours after I went to see him. Outstanding doctor.” ~ MB

“I had a degenerative herneated disc, lumbar region L4 to L5. I went to him for a 2nd opinion and immediately he told me where my problem was and that he could do surgery. I was fortunate to find a great doctor and surgeon as Dr. Riebel. I’m recovery wonderfully and will be back to work soon. I’m so glad that I found this doctor online and that he has been a tremendous help in my recovery. I would recommend him to everyone that is in need of an outstanding orthopaedic doctor as Dr. Riebel has been to me.”~ ST

Dr. Waldrop, Mike Wilson, the nursing staff, and the administrative staff at Virginia Orthopaedic are the best. They have worked hard to change my life. Four joint replacements completed with skill and precision…I cannot say thank you enough! I certainly recommend Dr. Waldrop to anyone in need of an orthopaedic surgeon.” ~ PT

“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Riebel for 6 years and he’s always been great with helping me manage my pain and taking care of my back. When he did surgery on my back, he even came to my home to remove my sutures I’ve delt with some of the best doctors in the country, and when I lived in NYC I delt with the best and in my opinion Dr. Riebel outshines them by a mile and more . . he’s very caring and always returns a call.” ~ CA

I needed a total hip replacement but mine was a complex case. Dr. Hagy was not only willing to take my case, but he was also willing to use the anterior approach. This made it much less invasive and therefore a much easier and faster recovery. I was so pleased to be able to walk well by the very next day. My leg had been several centimeters shorter than my other leg. Now my legs are level and I no longer have back pain. I have had almost no hip pain since surgery and have not needed any narcotic pain medicine. Dr. Hagy was very informative throughout the entire process and always very courteous and attentive. I could not have asked for a better result. I will be forever grateful to Dr. Hagy for performing my surgery. His PA, John, was also extremely helpful and courteous, going well above and beyond anything I had expected. What a great team!” ~ CD

“Dr. Mark Hagy is indeed one of the best surgeons around Roanoke, but he tends to rush the process and be a bit controlling. So don’t let his verbal tick persuasive moments “you follow me” “you with me” take over. Remember it’s your surgery ask questions repeatedly with him. I will say ask all questions prior to your surgery he’s very robotic like the day of surgery and doesn’t like being pulled off course with questions. I thought the staff was very courteous, informative and very friendly. I would indeed allow Mr. Hagy do another surgery on me as well as have it at Lewis Gale. I did have to be fastidious in my paperwork as a few mistakes were made but nothing that I was highly concerned about. Again, I felt these mistakes were made in the rushing of the processes. So I’m glad I was focused.” ~ SR

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Riebel for 4 years and he has seen me through 3 surgeries. He has always been honest and compassionate, even during the times that I didn’t necessarily WANT to hear what he was saying to me. He’s always been willing to take time to thoroughly answer all of my questions during office visits, no matter how insignificant they seem. He has always arrived in the exam room within 5 minutes of my appointment time and has always returned calls promptly. Dr. Riebel the picture of professionalism and his knowledge of spine care us unsurpassed. His office staff has always been friendly, competent, and prompt. His PA, Lynn, is extremely helpful, compassionate, and one of the most knowledgeable PA’s I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing. Since I have a degenerative condition and will likely require more surgery in the future, I’m always quick to tell my doctors that Dr. Riebel is the only doctor I will let touch my spine surgically!” GT

“Top rate. Worked with him at Lewis Gale Hospital. God is the healer but sometimes we just need to be put back together. Dr. Riebel to me is God’s healing hands. He fixed my L4 and L5 herniated disk around 12 years ago and praise God haven’t had a breakdown since. I worked in the OR as a tech and to me he is top notch.”~ GS

Dr. Hagy did a wonderful job on my hip replacement. Very courteous, great results. Was up walking well the very next day. My leg was shorter and now is the same length as my other so now I have no back pain. Almost no hip pain. Didn’t need any narcotics. Will be forever grateful to Dr. Hagy and his wonderful PA, John.”~ JC

“Facing my 4th back surgery, I had been told by 2 other doctors I needed 3 level fusion with instrumentation (nuts and bolts). Dr. Farmer disagreed and performed a much less dramatic decompression which has totally relieved me from pain. I was back to normal in a week. He is the best.”~ JS

“I recommend Dr James Farmer and his entire staff to all those looking for exceptional and professional orthopedic services! They are all so attentive and informative! Everyone displays a “beautiful Smile” and treats their patients as tho they were “treating a loved one of their very own”! No reason to ever go anywhere else for your medical needs!”~ SS

“Words cannot express my gratitude to Dr. Farmer.  He is not only a world renowned surgeon, but one of the kindest, caring and personable surgeons I have had the pleasure of knowing.  Thank you for giving my life back to me.”~ CB

“Dr. Riebel was my surgeon for my herniated disc, the surgery was short and the recovery time was less than three months. he did an excellent job and instructions was short and simple.”~ SP

Dr. Farmer is TRULY the best Surgeon you would ever want to have to call your own!!! He also is so friendly and lovable to his patients and the truth is this makes a big difference that makes you happy to to go see him and his AMAZING STAFF!!!! You also would never find a more Loving N.P. then Mac. She is amazing!! God
has given me and I hope you the best in this team together. Nurse Dreama, is a great part of this amazing TEAM that work together like family! I’m 71 and they all have been amazing to hold myself together to be able to still follow my dream to be number one in the World to hold my Compassion and Dream as to say IM NUMBER ONE IN THE WORLD TO HOLD BEST OF THE BEST OLDEST IN THE WORLD AND NUMBER SIX BEST OF OLDEST COMPETITOR IN THE WORLD!!! This team keeps me afloat. I TRULY would not have this title at 71 without this wonderful Doctor and his amazing team!!!!!

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