Virginia Orthopaedic Direct Is A Walk-In Clinic For Every Need

walk-in clinicVirginia Orthopaedic Direct provides walk in orthopaedic and occupational medical services throughout the week and during limited weekend hours as a community provider of convenient, same day orthopaedic care. For those who cannot wait to be seen by an orthopaedic specialist, or for those who suffer pain or injury from weekend athletics or an especially intense workout, Virginia Orthopaedic Direct is exactly what the doctor ordered!

We Treat…

With no appointment needed, and no referral required, Virginia Orthopaedic Urgent Care is equipped to handle:

Broken bones
Sports injuries
Sprain and strains
Acute back pain
Arthritis pain
Joint and tendon pain
Foot and ankle problems
Acute neck pain
Nerve pain
Work injuries
Provide physicals
Urine drug screenings
On-the-job injuries

Virginia Orthopaedic Direct is a convenient way to cut your treatment time. While the average Emergency Room visit takes over 2 hours, the average urgent care visit takes just 40 minutes. That’s more time for a patient to spend rehabilitating from injury. We are open 7 days a week, from 8am-8pm Monday – Friday; 10am-8pm Saturdays and 12pm-8pm on Sundays.

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Immediate Access • Speciality Care • Save Time & Money



PHONE: (540) 404-4251

Monday – Friday: 8:00 am – 8:00 pm
Saturday – Sunday: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm

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